Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week 7 Update


Executive Producer Joan Kelly, BOH Assistant Producer Brittany, and Academic Director Dominique complete the final garment clearance.

It was another whirlwind day for the Back of the House as we had our first model fitting. With all final garments in, our first round of female models went through over one hundred garment fittings, stylings, and photos. With 15 of our models present, we were able to record a wide variety of looks and sizes that will be a perfect start to our line-up!

Model fittings will continue this Thursday when we have professional models from the TCM Models & Talent (click for more info!) as well as our male models stopping by. This week we were lucky enough to have a few of our designers sit in to meet their models as they helped style and size pieces.

Right: Isaiah Whitmore lends a critical eye to the styling of his garments.

Congratulations to all of our featured designers! We will be posting featurettes on a few of you in anticipation of the show!

Other activities in the Back of the house this week included the assembly of a multimedia presentation for use during the consultation meeting with Benefit Cosmetics. The presentation, assembled by Hair & Make-Up Manager Sayna and reviewed by Front of House Assistant Producer and Promotion Manager Nicole (pictured at left), shows the different make-up trends for each set list category. Benefit Cosmetics (clicke for more info!) will be doing make-up on all models for both shows, so communication is key!


Front of House was slammed this week, with the program needing to be sent to print, tickets being sold, and promotional efforts. Program Editors Crystal and Darien worked it out, assembling all the designer information, judge, model, and designer lists, community partners, and working on building up the set list. The program is an important part of the production, giving us an opportunity to offer ad space, both to sponsors and non-sponsors, and provide additional information on featured designers and their collections.

Below: Instructor Lisa and Program Editor Crystal review what information is still missing from the program.


Tickets are selling fast!! Make sure you get yours quick! Click here.

NWSource wrote an article on us! Read it here.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week 6 Update


This week the FOH continued with garment review, photographing and filing all of the garments for the show.

Below: A design by one of our potential featured designers, Michelle Williams, is reviewed.

At this point we have all of the final garments in or on the way this week. While a model fitting was originally scheduled this week, it had to be postponed due to unexpected and unavoidable absences. It will now be taking place next week.


BOH was really hit with a workload these past two weeks. Last week was centered around the press relations of:
-researching bloggers in the Seattle area
-rewriting our event one-sheet
-determining the necessary information for the program

We are searching for local bloggers interested in fashion and up-and-coming artistic talent to post information about our show regarding tickets, show times, and a brief description. We have already received some responses back of blogs agreeing to assist us in our promotional efforts.

The program information was mostly collected over the past week and carried over into this week. Potential designer bios, sketches, and headshots were organized into a file for easy insertion into the program, which should happen this next week. then, in conjunction with out graphic designer, we will develop the graphics for the program, and then it's off to print!

Also on the list this week was our press release. Back of House Press Manager Nicole was working hard on this, and finding news venues for us to send it to.

We are still looking for sponsorships, but are hitting somewhat of a wall, as many of our desired companies have already fulfilled their sponsorship allotment for the year/quarter/month. But with a little hard work, we're confident that we'll have a great group of companies helping us out.

Above: Ticket Sales Manager Noora provides a student with more tickets.

Ticket sales are going great! VIP tickets are sold out at this point, and reserved seating for both shows is going fast! So you'd better get your tickets soon before even the standing room tickets are gone. Check out the ticketing post below for more information.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Announcing Kendra Todd as our Celebrity Model and MC!

Kendra Todd is a nationally recognized wealth expert, real estate broker, TV personality, author and lecturer, and undoubtedly one of the youngest and most diversely successful female entrepreneurs today. Her mission is to share with others the knowledge and mindset needed to become financially savvy, turn passion into prosperity, and lead truly rich lives.

Kendra Todd is the first woman, as well as the youngest competitor to win the popular NBC show with Donald Trump, “The Apprentice”. During her tenure with the Trump Organization, she was involved with the record-breaking sale of a $100 million dollar Palm Beach estate, the highest U.S. residential real estate transaction at that time.

Currently, Kendra hosts the critically acclaimed HGTV series My House Is Worth What?, is the resident Money Expert for The Montel Williams Show, and serves as Founder and Chairman of The Kendra Todd Group, a Keller Williams affiliated real estate team ( Her most recent passion projects are – The Smart Girl’s Guide to Accentuating Your Assets and, an online empowerment resource for Christian entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Learn more about Kendra at:

Kendra Todd Official Website
Kendra Todd Group
Kendra todd on HGTV's "My House Is worth What?"

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Week 5- Back of House

This past Tuesday was another busy day for the Back of the House. The classroom was pretty full, as we were accepting garments, reviewing them, and coordinating the garments with the model files.

Our process was to get all of our final garments turned in, and the crew was eagerly receiving release forms, making name tags, determining final models, and trying on garments for the construction review. With the help from our wonderful design teacher, Wanda, we were able to determine final "edits" on the garments.

As the designers have been sewing away, we realize that time has flown for all of us and therefore have extended the FINAL GARMENT DEADLINE to Monday, February 15th. We are looking forward to our first model fitting the next day on Tuesday, February 16th from 3:30p to 5:30p, and are busily figuring out the garment line-up for the show. The work never seems to end, but everyone is enjoying the rush of preparation!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get your tickets!

Tickets are available now! Here's everything you need to know:

First Show at 5pm, doors at 4:30pm
•$20 General Admission – Limited open seating
•Free for high school students with valid ID

Second Show at 8pm, doors at 7:15pm
•$20 General Admission – standing room only ($30 at the door)
•$40 Reserved Seating
•$50 VIP Seating – with a swag bag

General Admission tickets can also be purchased online, here.
Other sales locations are Student Accounting and Supply Store
Both Shows open to all ages.

***To inquire about Front Row & Reserved Seating opportunities please contact Noora Hyodynmaa @

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Front of House Status Report - Week 4

Front of House will be in charge of the main floor on the day of the show. Until then, they are working on promotions, swag, guest lists, seating, and ticket sales.

This week we are pleased to announce the start of two very important marketing tools:

"Wear in the World" Facebook Page. . .Become a Fan!

"Wear in the World" Twitter. . .Follow us!

Both of these new marketing tools will keep you up to date in next-to real time about the latest developments. Be informed when new blog posts are up, when new sponsors are announced, and when and where you can get a ticket!

We definitely recommend adding these new tools to help you keep up to date, as well as checking back in at the blog for more details.

Back of House Status Report - Week 4

Just as the name implies, the Back of House team is in charge of everything that will be happening backstage on the day of the show. Up until the day this means they are running Model Calls, Garment Reviews, and coordination of Hair and Make-Up arrangements.

Their second model call took place on Tuesday, February 2nd, and was just as successful as the first. We had a wonderful turn-out of both men and women that proved great potential for the show. This final Model Call will provide us with all the potential talent we will need to truly showcase all the wonderful garments we have received.

Speaking of wonderful garments, as we measured, photographed and watched the models' runway walks, designers stopped by for the Third Garment Turn-in. We had some great new additions to the show and are looking forward to performing the last garment construction check with the help our design instructor team next Tuesday, February 9th.

After the final garment turn-in next Tuesday, February 9th, we will be fitting the models for the garments they will be wearing the day of the show. We would like to keep encouraging our designers to turn-in the garments they wish to showcase and thank all those that have!

With all the hard work from the Back of the House members, and the continuing efforts of the Front of the House, we are excited to keep the show progressing and present our fantastically talented designers in March at the Wear in the World 2010 Student Show!

***So keep in mind these important upcoming dates and deadlines***

•Designer Final Garment Turn-In: Tuesday, February 9th—Room 516 starting at 12:30p

•Potential Models: Look to be receiving an email within the next week to address our final model decisions.

•First Model Fitting: Tuesday, February 16th-Room to be determined